The main problems faced by cannabis users does not stem from the effects of the use of this substance but from its socio-legal situation. Although cannabis, like practically any other substance used by humans, is not a harmless product, and problematic use related to it or undesirable side effects for the user may appear, these inconveniences are not very relevant when compared with those that arise from its prohibition.
Obstacles of this kind particularly effect therapeutic users and their relatives, since they are generally accompanied by especially complex medical situations.
This kind of prohibition is also difficult to accept given the evidence that the use of cannabinoids is not only free of significant negative effects on these people, but actually contributes to notable improvement in the status of their health and quality of life.
One of the main risks resulting from current drug policies is the difficulty of accessing a safe product. Due to current legislation, control over the quality of the product remains unprotected.
In most cases, patients are forced to acquire cannabis or its derivatives from the black market, or homemade products, often without proper safety and hygiene measures. Considering the safety of this substance from a toxicological perspective and the serious health consequences that the presence of contaminants can cause, it would seem, in this case, that the cure imposed by its legislation is much worse than the disease.
The patient finds himself or herself in a situation of permanent disinformation, further accentuated by pro and anti-prohibitionist discourses that hinder an objective view of the real properties of the plant. This complicates the correct use of cannabis as a treatment, exposing the patient to unnecessary risks resulting from inexperienced handling and failure to optimize the potential positive effects that the plant could provide.
Finally, the fear of legal persecution, the social prejudices associated with cannabis use and the economic problems that arise from paying for treatment also raise barriers that limit patients' access to a therapy that could benefit them.
In this context, Medan’s works to provide information about all these issues from an objective point of view, resolving any doubts that may trouble the patient in the field of health and cannabis.