Our Meeting Point Center for information on medical cannabis

Medcan can make available on request, a space with a capacity of up to 25 people to carry out activities of dissemination, debates, talks, film forums and all kinds of cultural events related to training and learning within the field of medicinal cannabis. Non-profit organizations, groups of patients or entities related in some way to health and/or cannabis, can request free use of this space through our contact form.

Reading Room and Video Library

Come to our center, where you can find a permanent reading corner with books, scientific publications about the medicinal use of cannabis, introductory guides to medical cannabis etc. ... all these materials can be accessed for free in our space and can be bought if you wish to consult them in your own home. We also have an agenda of cultural activities with informative talks, debates, film forums etc...
Medcan has an extensive collection of books, scientific texts and videos related to the cannabis plant, its current applications and its therapeutic potential. All digital information is downloadable and books are available for both use and sale. We have both a reading corner and a room equipped for the projection of audiovisual materials.

Hemp Products Shop

Phytocannabinoids (cannabinoids of natural origin extracted from plants) can help to alleviate different types of ailments creating synergies with our own endocannabinoid system, which has an important role in the regulation of different physiological and pathological processes of our organism. At our center we make all kinds of information about these types of therapy available to the public. We have a selection of hemp-based products, BIO nutrition (certified and with other natural components), and we also have a selection of products for topical use, both for beauty and personal hygiene, or for dermatological treatments.
We can also offer treatments with sublingual oils, capsules, chewing gums, crystals and a wide selection of products rich in CBD. We are committed to being at the forefront of this type of treatment, in order to help people with ailments that are treatable with cannabinoids.

Our Team

The MEDCAN team is made up of collegiate medical staff, specialized in endocannabinology, effectively seconded by highly qualified professionals in the field of nursing, primary care, physiotherapy and psychopathology.
Our team is fully aware of the therapeutic potential existing in cannabinoids and, consequently, can strictly guide all people who wish to learn about the use of possible complementary treatments with medical cannabis of different ailments or diseases.